Kastor KH-20 + water tank VK-20

Brand: Kastor

Product Code: KH-20-VK-20

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Suitable for sauna from 8 m3 to 20 m3.

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Kastor KH-20 with the lift door opening mechanism. 

The oven for a sauna of the average sizes with the water tank’s capacity of 28 litres. The VK-20 water tank is the universal water tank suitable for models KH, KO, KT (the connection is possible at the right or left side of the heater or at both sides at the same time) It is a new, modern and high-quality stove for family saunas of the average size equipped with a glass door. 

This model – the embodiment of absolutely new approach to business. The stove KH-20 is a new development of Kastor company. For the first time in the furnace the lifting door is applied to a sauna. The door is fully balanced by the counterbalance which is located behind an oven casing. The stove KH-20 suits for small and average saunas and baths. The stove is made of reliable, high-quality materials therefore it will be possible to enjoy long time heat of a traditional sauna. The stove KH-20 has additional heat insulation that allows to reduce safe distances from sides to 20 cm. 

The big surface of stones guarantees strong steam even to experienced sauna enthusiasts. The back wall of a framework is protected by the mobile panel of air conditioning which improves fuel burning and by that reduces an expense of firewood. The recommended volume of a sauna of 8-20 m3.

Stones are not included.

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 2
Delivery time (d.) 14-28
Recommended sauna size (m3) 8-20
Dimensions height (mm) 928
Dimensions width (mm) 520
Dimensions depth (mm) 546
Stone capacity max. (kg) 60
Weight (kg) 62
Water tank capacity, (l) 28
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115
Safety distance to front (mm) 500
Safety distance to sides and back / wood and bricks (mm) 500
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling min. (mm) 1200