Helo EC 50

Brand: Helo Oy

Product Code: 11717

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Helo EC50 control can be used Helo DET-type heaters or steam generators HELO HNS T1 manage.

Price: 102.00€
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The EC50 control panel makes it simple and economical to have complete control of your sauna.
The panel blends discretely and elegantly into your bathroom with its clean and essential design. It has an easy-to-read display for convenient control of the start- up time, temperature and lighting. The panel can be set for 0-3 hours of heating time. You can also set a countdown between 0-10 hours for the heater to start.
The panel incorporates a child- proof code lock to prevent accidental operation.
The EC50 with its practical features is a smart choice for anyone who wants precise control of their sauna – at an affordable price. 
Technical information
Warranty (y.) 2 years
Delivery time (d.) 30-60 days
Weight (kg) 0.3