TMF Safari Light

Brand: TMF

Product Code: Termofor Safari Light

Delivery time (d.): 14-30

Designed for 200 cubic meters of heated area.

Price: 696.00€
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Safari is the first fireplace-stove with heat retaining laded stones of the TMF heaters’ line. Designed for 200 cubic meters of heated area.

Main feature of Safari fireplace-stoves that distinguish it from other heating stoves is large number of heat retaining stones laded and unique design, which makes it one-of-a-kind in the Russian stove industry.

Heating performance effectiveness of large number of heated stones is out of question. As specific heat capacity of stones is way higher than the one of steel and their total heat exchange surface is huge. Stones keep heat for a long period of time, screen strong heat radiation of metal fire chamber very well and heat air in a room by means of natural air convection through mesh casing extremely well.


Features and Benefits:

  • Heat retaining stones provides effective heating of a room
  • Elegant unique design, can be installed in the center of a room
  • Advanced finning of the fire box increases heat emission and improves stiffness of the stove 
  • High door of the fire box allows to fill the stove with firewood as much as possible
  • Vertical placement of firewood provides even burning and high beautiful flame 
  • Hermetically sealed cast-iron doors for burning intensity control
  • Inflow of heated upper air, upper kindling is possible 
  • Hot air blow of the glass prevents its blackening with smoke.
  • Heated room capacity - 200 m3.
  • Fuel - firewood.
  • Furnaces capacity - 55 l.
  • Power - 15 kW.
  • Maximum wood length - 450 cm.
  • The minimum chimney height - 5 m.
Technical information
Length (mm) 548
Warranty (y.) 1
Delivery time (d.) 14-30
Dimensions height (mm) 1050
Dimensions width (mm) 510
Weight (kg) 73
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 120
Maximum length of firewood, (mm) 450