Harvia stones, 5-10cm

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: AC3000

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Stone size: 5 -10cm. Stone weight: 20 kg.

Price: 12.90€
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Traditional sauna heater stones are standard stones which are very durable and give out great steam. These stones are suitable for all electric and wood burning sauna heaters.  Stone size: 10 -15 cm. Stone weight per crate: 20 kg.

The stone can not be contaminated: the stone does not enter essential oils or herbal infusions perfumed water (evaporation flavorings are special stones built on or hung vessels) and beer. Contaminated stone nebeskleidžia fresh smell of the impurity stones "stubborn" and no longer needed to heat circulating air spaces.

After some time the stones need an overload, remove debris, decomposed stone healthy change. 

From the stone depends on the method used for heating the stone shape, size and type. Metal stove heats the casing stones planes, so the stones must be placed no more than two layers on the heated surface. The stones should be large - a fist- sized (10-15 cm). They are good warm up from themetal accumulate enough heat to steam.
Stones are heated in electric ovens electric heating elements arranged in the stone tank short distances from one another. This ensures a uniform heating of the stones. There used smaller stones - from 5 to 7 cm.

Technical information
Delivery time (days) 14-21
Weight (kg) 20
Diameter (mm) 50-100