Harvia Solide indoor sauna

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After an easy installation, you can begin enjoying the gentle heat and a state of perfect relaxation – in your very own design sauna that is also a treat for the eyes.

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The concept and design of the Harvia Solide indoor sauna is in line with the concept and design of the award-winning Harvia Solide outdoor sauna. The rich combination of light spruce and black details is an important highlight in the indoor sauna. You can also choose to have a sauna with a beautiful "Duo" glass wall that emits light and warmth, and a bench designed to suit your needs.

Walls, ceilings and benches of spruce, planed on both sides, non-treated.

Sauna frames (spruces) and corner and facade boards on the outside of the sauna are painted black or unpainted (optional).

The front wall is made of glass: a door and two glass walls.

The standard delivery includes an electric heater "Virta HL110" with safety handrails, control panel "Xenio CX110", "Legend" set of lights and steel accessories.





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Additional options for the Harvia Solide sauna cabin:

  • Harvia sauna chair. S2119LD model max 3 seats, other models max 6 seats;
  • Harvia sauna wax for ceilings and walls, on both sides. Wax colors: clear white or clear gray;
  • Harvia sauna wax for benches;

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Delivery time (days) 14-28