Harvia Solide indoor sauna

Brand: Harvia Oy

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After an easy installation, you can begin enjoying the gentle heat and a state of perfect relaxation – in your very own design sauna that is also a treat for the eyes.

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The concept and design of the Harvia Solide indoor sauna match those of the award-winning Harvia Solide outdoor sauna. The rich combination of light-coloured spruce and black details is also featured in this design sauna for indoor spaces. You can also choose to equip your sauna with the beautiful Duo glass wall, which emits light and warmth, and a bench solution designed to suit your wishes down to the materials used. 

Walls, ceiling and benches GLT spruce, both sides planed, non-treated.

Bench frames (spruce) and corner and fascia boards outside sauna black painted or non-treated.

Front wall is made of glass: door and two glass walls, colour of the glass is clear.

Standard delivery includes Virta HL110 with safety railings, Xenio CX110, stone wall. Legend lights and steel accessories set.





Height, mm




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Depth, mm





Additional options for the Harvia Solide sauna cabin:

  • Harvia single sauna seat. S2119LD model max 3 seats, other models max 6 seats. Price per piece 139,15 € (part code SLD100);
  • Harvia sauna wax for ceilings and in walls, on both sides. Wax colors: transparent white or transparent gray. Price 931,70 € (part code SLD200);
  • Harvia sauna wax for benches. Price 653,40 € (part code SLD300).


Contact info@esaunashop.com for additional options.

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