Harvia sauna and steam sauna scent set

Brand: Harvia Oy

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The set includes the following scents: Breeze (Eucalyptus), Balance (Ylang Ylang), Vitalize (Lemon and Orange), Activate (Peppermint) and Delight (Coconut and Vanilla).

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Embark on a journey of pleasure with a great variety of inspiring scents. These scents are designed to take your sauna and steam sauna experience to a new level, and you can enjoy a soothing and relaxing moment at your home spa.

The Harvia "Healing with Heat" sauna and steam bath fragrance set consists of five different 10 ml fragrances. Scents can be used by mixing them in water (which is poured on the hot stones of the sauna heater) and directly on the surfaces used to evaporate scents, as a scent cup or steam channels.

The set includes the following scents: Breeze (Eucalyptus), Balance (Ylang Ylang), Vitalize (Lemon and Orange), Activate (spicy peppermint) and Delight (Coconut and Vanilla).

Breeze (eucalyptus)
Eucalyptus soothes, opens the airways and improves breathing. Allow your muscles to relax while enjoying the fragrant touch of that scent.

Balance (ylang ylang)
Enjoy a harmonizing sensation of soothing aroma. The rich and floral scent of ylang-ylang balances your body and mind.

Vitalize (lemon and orange)
This vibrant scent is made up of different citrus aromas. This mixture of lemons and oranges gives energy and lifts the mood. Start the day with a vibrant citrus scent.

Activate (spicy peppermint)
Activate your senses and increase alertness with a blend of peppermint, cinnamon and eucalyptus scents. This spicy mixture of aromatic scents is a great choice for a tired body and mind.

Delight (coconut and vanilla)
Feel the tropic with the wonderful scent of coconut and vanilla. This delicious scent takes you to a steam paradise with strongly sweet yet smooth scents.

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