Harvia M3

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: WKM3

Delivery time (d.): 30 days

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Suitable for sauna from 4,5 m3 to 13 m3.

Price: 369.00€
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Harvia M3 - stylish classical design ovens for small family use saunas. Fast-heating and maintains an effective air circulation. Outside trim painted black, the upper rim and the front part of the oven - stainless steel. You can connect the hot water tank, mounted on the chimney. Stone capacity - 30 kg. Stones purchased separately.

Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 30 days
Dimensions height (mm) 710
Dimensions width (mm) 390
Dimensions depth (mm) 450
Stone capacity max. (kg) 30
Weight (kg) 45