Harvia Legend safety railing SASPO

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: legend-aptvarai-saspo

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Two models: SASPO240, SASPO241.

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The Harvia Legend safety railing is designed to be installed around the handmade Harvia Legend heater to increase bathing safety. Made of heat-treated aspen, the safety railing is installed directly onto the heater, making it uncompromisingly sturdy. The installation is flexible: you can add levels and make the heater even more impressive-looking by installing several railings on top of each other. Install the robust safety railing around your Legend and enjoy a luxurious sauna experience in peace. FYI: the safety railings are also compatible with wood-heated Legend stoves. The master blacksmiths of Harvia wish you memorable and safe moments in the sauna.

Two models:

  • SASPO241 - for Legend PO11 electric stoves, diameter 780 mm.
    Also suitable for woodshed ovens Legend 150, Legend 150.
  • SASPO240 - for Legend PO165 for electric stoves, diameter 850 mm.
    Also suitable for woodshed  ovens Legend 240, Legend 240 SL, 240 DUO Legend, Legend 300, Legend 300 Duo.
Technical information
Country of Manufacture Finland
Warranty (y.) 2
Delivery time (d.) 14-28