Harvia Legend hot tub

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: SHL3501

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Harvia hot tub for 4-6 people. Perfect with a black Harvia Legend sauna.

Price: 3,630.00€
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The "Legend" hot tub is easy to maintain as there is a large plastic pool inside. This time-resistant model can accommodate 4 to 6 people.

The "Legend" tub has a "Harvia Legend" heater. The large glass heater door makes it easy to see if you need to put more firewood in, and you can continue to enjoy the fire in the heater and the hot tub water.

The dark outer surface of the hot tub and small details go well with the "Legend" sauna.


  • Color: black
  • Accommodates from 4 to 6 people
  • The net power of the heater is about 29 kW


  • Depth 910 x height 1100 mm
  • Diameter 1700 mm
  • Weight without water: 131 kg (tub weight without heater and chimney: 83 kg)
  • Water volume: 1540 liters (at least 650 liters)
  • Fireplace Ø 150 mm, 2 m + hood
  • Chimney thermal protection 1 m
  • Drainage: 2 ½ ”female thread + hose connection 38 mm


  • Wall material: Painted and heat-treated softwood plywood, 15 mm
  • Insert material: Polyethylene (PE) plastic approx. 8 mm thick
  • Foam polystyrene insulation on the tub to seat level.

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Technical information
Delivery time (days) 14-28
Dimensions height (mm) 1100
Dimensions depth (mm) 910
Weight (kg) 131
Water tank capacity, (l) 1540
Diameter (cm) 1700