Harvia Fenix 1620S sauna cabin

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: SHF1620S

Delivery time (days): 14-28

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Modern dark design sauna cabin. Aspen and spruce wood.

Dimensions: 1606 x 2058 mm

The "Harvia Fenix" ​​sauna is an ode to the ancient sauna culture. The dark design is inspired by a traditional smoke sauna, and the light benches give the look a modern feel.

"Harvia Fenix’s" prefabricated saunas feature a large, impressive glass wall. With the optional RGBW LED lights, you can easily create a different atmosphere in the sauna.


  • The benches are made of light aspen wood, which creates a nice contrast with the black panels. Aspen wood is also great for saunas as it does not overheat.
  • The high-quality large glass wall at the front transmits natural light. But you can also create your own atmosphere with the optional remote-controlled color LED lights (RGWB).
  • The "Harvia Fenix" ​​cabin is made of slow-growing dense Nordic spruce, which is known for its resistance to moisture and durability in the sauna.
  • High-quality 50 mm thick insulation (0.037 W / m.K) makes the sauna energy efficient and heats up quickly.
  • The sauna cabin is designed with 70 years of experience, taking into account all aspects of safety in the sauna. For example, all window elements are made of 8 mm safety glass.
  • "Harvia Fenix" ​​is ​​easy to assemble and comes in an economically flat package.

Technical data:

  • The cabin is made of black treated spruce;
  • Roof element with roof rim;
  • The interior is made of aspen wood;
    • 1 x 600 mm bench and 3 x 500 mm benches;
    • Ventilation slit;
    • Backrests;
    • Intermediate bench panel;
  • Optional RGBW LED lights;
  • Doors made of safety glass (600 x 1897 x 8 mm) hinges can be left or right;
  • 2 x single-sided safety glass elements, transparent (629 x 1939 x 8 mm);
  • 15 mm sturdy black treated boards;
  • Recommended heating power: 7.5-11 kW
  • Cabin height: 2016 mm
  • Net weight: 306 kg
Technical information
Length (mm) 2058
Delivery time (days) 14-28
Dimensions height (mm) 2016
Dimensions width (mm) 1606
Weight (kg) 306