Harvia Cilindro Plus SPOT 6.8kw

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: PP70SP

Delivery time (d.): 7-21 days

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Suitable for saunas from 6 to 10 m3

Price: 630.00€
Attention: The price is only valid when buying online!

The Harvia Cilindro Plus SPOT electric sauna heater is an impressive pillar heater consisting of a massive amount of stones.

Harvia Cilindro Plus Spot heaters are equipped with a new wireless Harvia Spot control switch.  The wireless control switch makes the use of Cilindro Plus Spot heater easy and safe.  There are no visible cables in the switch and it can be placed to the desired surface and location.  

The wireless Spot control switch makes the installation of the heater easier and faster than before – you can replace also your old heater easily with the new Cilindro Plus Spot heater. The stylish and illuminated control switch makes it easy to start or shut down the heater with one touch.

  •     Wireless: no wires or visible sensor components
  •     Easy to use: illuminated one push button – just the functions you need every day
  •     The signal LED lights indicate operating mode or possible error condition
  •     Enables switching the heater on or off with just one touch
  •     The splash-proof control switch can be installed inside the sauna or the washroom, in the immediate vicinity of the heater
  •     The radio signal range is 5-10 meters (depending on the wall structures)
  •     The heater’s on-time can be adjusted (2h/4h/6h)
  •     Replaceable battery

Thanks to the grate-like outer shell, each user can adjust the nature of the steam: soft when throwing water onto the side of the heater and sharp when throwing water straight on top of the stone pillar. The brushed stainless steel exterior provides a finished look.

Harvia Cilindro Plus PP70 and PP90 model sauna heaters are equipped with an illuminated child-proof operating switch. The switch makes using the heater safe and easy. The Cilindro Plus model E sauna heaters are controlled by a separate control unit.

Stones are not included.

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 2 years
Delivery time (d.) 7-21 days
Recommended sauna size (m3) 6-10
Dimensions height (mm) 1020
Dimensions width (mm) 310
Dimensions depth (mm) 310
Weight (kg) 11.50
Supply voltage, phase 400V 3N; 230V 1N
Control unit Built-in
Sauna room height min (cm) 190