Great steam with sauna furnace-steamer

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A great steam in a sauna is important to everyone who loves to spend time there. How do you achieve that?

What determines it and should you choose? After all, a great steam is the reason why we go to saunas. It usually depends on the steamer. Whether you pour water or there is gadget which generates it. That is the purpose of the article.

If you want consistency, a dedicated steamer is the way to go. It is even better if the steamer is integrated in the furnace. Setting everything up is easy if you have such an option. EOS, Harvia, and plenty of other manufacturers offer furnaces with built-in steamers.

Great steam with EOS furnace

EOS offer a plethora of options for all kinds of furnaces, and every single one of their products is of the highest quality. 

To get the most out of your sauna, consider using a combined EOS furnace, such as "Euro Max", Bi-O-Max", "Bi-O-Cubo", "Bi-O-Mini", etc. These furnaces has a water reservoir, which evaporates water and ensures high humidity. Of course, a reservoir is not mandatory, which would give you a traditional Finnish sauna. Depending on the model, electric EOS furnaces have a built-in vessel for sauna scents.

When using these special furnaces, you have to take care of special cleaning which controls humidity inside and ensure that its level is optimal. Every model has a modern compact design and leaves plenty of room inside the sauna. A furnace with a power of 2 to 12 kW are great for saunas of 3 to 18 cubic meters in volume.

EOS furnaces are known for quality, fast heating and longevity. So which furnace would you like? With the scent vessel or not? Perhaps you want an especially big container for rocks, or maybe one with a sound signal when the water runs out? Everything is possible with EOS so try to look for the option which suits your interests the most.

Great steam with Harvia furnace

Harvia is a well-known trademark for sauna fans. The manufacturer is recognized throughout the world and there is a lot to be talked about. Finland has recognized Harvia as the best manufacturer in the country when it comes to sauna equipment, and the company exports their stuff to 65 different countries. The company has been found in 1950 and they know more than enough when it comes to saunas. Every client will find what they are looking for. Since it is quite difficult to pick the right furnace, it is always good to go with a trusted manufacturer.

The following Harvia electric furnaces have an integrated steam generation: Senatori Combi, Club Combi, Delta Combi, etc. They start with 2,9 kW and would be perfect for a 1,5 cubic meter volume sauna. If you want to have a great steam inside, Harvia is one of the best choices. Just find out the model that fits your needs the best.

Everyone who is about to build a sauna dreams of quality. Harvia furnaces are the exact thing you are looking for.

Great steam with a steam generator

If you have a sauna with electric or wood furnace or have chosen something without a built-in steamer, there is another option. You can automate great steam with a steam generator. Pego, Harvia, Tylo, Helo, EOS, etc. These companies have years of experience and traditions, but are innovative at the same time. Therefore, you will only find quality products there.

First of all, what is a steam generator? It is a piece of equipment which produces steam and heats the sauna. It is easy to use thanks to instructions and a control panel, which is usually electronic. You can control the following:

  • Regulate the amount of steam mechanically or automatically;
  • Set the temperature of the sauna;
  • Set the timer for the generator;
  • Set the anticipatory time to turn it on;
  • Regulate lighting;
  • Regulate air ventilation;
  • Regulate scent pump;
  • Program automatic drainage;
  • Turn on automatic rinsing;
  • Perform problem assessment diagnostics.

When purchasing a steam generator, you can expect to find such accessories as electric control panel, steam nozzles, temperature sensors, safety valves. You can mount steam generators on a wall or put them on ground.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to steam generators in pricing, models, and manufacturers. No matter what kind of choice you go with, a steam generator will provide your sauna with plenty of great steam.

If you are not confident in your abilities to pick the right generator, always contact professionals. Not only will you end up with the best option, but also save some time.