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Gift Set Miss:

  • Sauna Hat Miss Sauna.
  • bath salt with rose petals
  • Strong-nourishing body butter

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Sauna Hat Miss Sauna. Felt hat sauna,Composition: 40% wool, 60% polyester.

bath salt with rose petals, 500 g. It is a luxurious, charming, aromatic and effective bath with mineral rich Himalayan salt, damask rose roses and a relaxing, inspirational combination of essential oils. The Himalayan salt bath does not irritate and does not dry the skin. It is thought to accelerate blood circulation, detoxify, regenerate, moisturize the skin, and works well in various skin problems. Usage: use one bath of 100g of salt, pour into warm water and mix to dissolve the crystals.

Strong-nourishing body butter, 100 ml. strong-nourishing body butter with oil, 100 ml capacity. Intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

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