Gift Set Sauna Scents

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Gift Set "Sauna Scents":

  • Sauna tea,
  • Melissa Essential Oil,
  • Scented essence Rento.

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Gift set "Sauna Scents":

Sauna tea. Sauna tea that promotes sweating. Preparation: Pour 2 teaspoons of the mixture into a glass of boiling water, cover and hold for 10 minutes and drink. Ingredients: birch leaves, nettle, peppermint. 30g.

Melissa essential oilMelissa essential oil is produced from the hydrodistillation of the leaves of the medicinal lemon balm (Melissa officanalis). In modern aromatherapy, essential melissa oil is used in various ways as a heart tonic, eliminates menopausal syndrome and premenstrual tension, states of restlessness, anger, depression, panic, shock. Melissa essential oil is used to treat allergies, hay fever, asthma, eczema, herpes, in cosmetics it is suitable for the care of lips, as well as oily, blackened, porous skin and oily hair. Oiled insect bites stop itching and no longer hurt. In aromatic lamps, essential melissa oil repels insects and has a beneficial effect on the emotional background. Indications: tachycardia, hypertension, headache and dizziness; gastrointestinal disorders; menstrual disorders, menopausal problems; cramps, spasms, rheumatism; melancholy, migraine, insomnia, asthenia, nervous tension; herpes; allergies, hay fever, eczema; oily, blackened skin, oily hair, dandruff. Methods of administration and dosage. For the bath: 3-5 drops (dissolved in a glass of kefir, yogurt, milk or cream, or a tablespoon of vegetable oil, or mixed with a little honey). For compresses: 2-3 drops in a glass of warm water. For massage: 3-4 drops in 10 ml of the main massage oil. Cosmetics: 2-4 drops in 5 ml of the main cream, shampoo or lotion. For an aromatic lamp: 3-5 drops of 5 m2 of room space. ATTENTION! Do not use in pregnant or sensitive skin. Do not use on hot days when suffering from thirst, as the essential oil of lemon balm promotes sweating. Perform a tolerance test for melissa essential oil before use.

Scented essence "Rento". Scented essence Rento, eucalyptus scent. Volume - 400 ml. Usage: 40 - 50 ml of scents mixed with 4L of water and poured on hot sauna stones. Quality product made in Finland! Rento is a family business based in Finland. The long-standing Finnish sauna tradition and Rento's exceptional quality and design products combine to create a real sensation in the bathroom. These are products with an elegant, simple and clean design that reflect all the best traditions of Finnish quality. Since 2012 Rento products adorn the saunas of the luxury hotel chain Scandic Tampere Station.

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