Gift Set Lavender

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Gift Set Lavender:

  • Felt hat for sauna.
  • SET Diffuser & Essential Oil Blends FOUR ELEMENTS. 4vntx5ml.
  • Sea salt for baths Lavender.

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Lavender Gift Set:

Felt hat for sauna. Striped. Composition: 100% wool.

SET Diffuser & Essential Oil Blends FOUR ELEMENTS. 4vntx5ml.

Natural, handmade, clay diffusers and blends of essential oils based on the four elements of the world - water, earth, air, fire, which are designed for the twelve signs of the zodiac. A great gift for loved ones, colleagues, friends, business partners.

Ingredients: clay diffuser, four mixtures of essential oils of 5 ml. (a mixture of lemon, lavender and mint essential oils; a mixture of juniper, lavender and orange blossom essential oils; a mixture of grapefruit, lavender, rosemary essential oils; a mixture of grapefruit and mint essential oils).

This is a set suitable for aromatization of any room: bathroom, room, car, cabinet ...

Methods of application: Using a clay diffuser to flavor 5-8 drops of the mixture - 5m² of room space. Apply 5-8 drops of the essential oil mixture on the surface of the clay block, place in any room.

To neutralize all odors from the diffuser and drip new essential oils, immerse the pad in hot water, pull out and allow the pad to dry.

Sea salt for baths Lavender.

Ingredients: sea salt with lavender essential oil.

Method of administration: dissolve the mixture of salt and essential oils in warm water and pour the solution little by little on hot stones. Dissolve 90 g of salt (4-5 tablespoons) in warm water (36-38 ° C) for the aromatic bath. Duration of the procedure 10-15 min.


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