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Gift voucher for 120 euros.

Looking for a gift for a sauna lover, but you know nothing about saunas?

Give them the opportunity to choose the gift of their dreams - buy our gift voucher.

The lover of the sauna will choose the gift that his heart desires the most for the specified amount.

This is the best way to make someone close to you happy!

With this gift voucher you can pay in our online store and in our store in Klaipeda.


* Sent by mail - the gift voucher will be sent via Lithuanian Post. Attention: when filling out the order form, indicate the address of the coupon recipient.

** Email to recipient - gift voucher email will be sent to the person you want to greet. Delivery time: 1 business day. Attention: when filling out the order form, specify the e-mail of the coupon recipient.

*** Print - A gift voucher that you can print will be sent to your email address. Delivery time: 1 business day.

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