Front screen MINI for VITRA

Brand: TMF

Product Code: 32811

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Front screen Mini for heaters VITRA.

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Front screen Mini for Vitra, black. Steel thickness - 0,8 mm.

Frontal screens are designed to protect against the inflammation of structures from flammable materials. Their use makes it possible to dispense with the use of brickwork when installing a sauna oven.

The front protective screen is installed as an element of the wall (partition) in the place of passage through it of the fuel channel of the bath furnace and provides additional heating of the adjacent room.

The holes on the front panels are designed to form a convection airflow. Cold air from the adjacent room is drawn into the screen, it heats up, cooling the screen walls. The hot air goes back to the adjoining room through the upper holes, heating it. Due to convection of air inside the screen, an adjacent room is heated, into which the oven door leaves, and the front panel of the screen does not heat up.

Technical information
Length (mm) 125
Warranty (y.) 1
Delivery time (d.) 14-28
Dimensions height (mm) 1065
Dimensions width (mm) 765
Weight (kg) 11.5