Warranty and return

All products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty periods.

Directive 1999/44/EC is valid in EU countries, which provides for at least 24 months warranty period.
When submitting the product for warranty repair, it is necessary to have the purchase document or a completed warranty card.
If the product is damaged before the end of the specified warranty period, the warranty repair is carried out free of charge.

Warranty obligations do not apply:

  • for defective light sources;
  • the product is not used according to its intended purpose (for commercial, production purposes or without complying with the requirements specified in the instructions for use);
  • any self-repair has been carried out, seals are damaged, there are signs that the product has been tampered with, etc.;
  • there is mechanical damage to the product housing or other parts;
  • the product was incorrectly connected to the power source or damaged due to excessively high power supply voltage pulses during electrical installation work in substations, distribution facilities, etc.;
  • the product is damaged by lightning, fire, water or other elements, aggressive substances, liquids, etc.;
  • for product attachments, accessories, parts, and units with a limited service life.


All customers are recommended to keep the original product packaging in case warranty service is required - this is the requirement of some manufacturers. The serial number of the product or other important information necessary for the identification of the product cannot be removed from the product and packaging.


Product return procedure

If there are reasons why the purchased product is not suitable, the buyer has the right to return it to the seller within 14 calendar days of receiving the product.

When the buyer refuses to accept non-defective delivered goods, he must pay the shipping costs of returning the goods to us.

The returned product must be unused and in its original packaging, with the exception of vacuum transparent packaging.

All factory stickers, including the serial number, must be on the product and/or its packaging.

If the buyer was sold a non-food product of inappropriate quality and the seller did not discuss its shortcomings with the buyer, the buyer has the right to demand from the seller:

  • replace a product of inadequate quality with a product of suitable quality;
  • reduce the price of the product accordingly;
  • within a reasonable period of time to eliminate product defects free of charge;
  • to reimburse the costs of removing the product's defects, if the seller did not remove them within a reasonable time, the consumer removed the defects himself or with the help of third parties;
  • unilaterally terminate the sales contract and demand the return of the money paid for the product.

The goods are exchanged or returned at the place of purchase or at another place indicated by the seller, which is convenient for the buyer. The buyer submits a written request to the seller indicating the defects of the goods. A cash register receipt or purchase-sale receipt, or other document confirming the purchase-sale of goods from this seller and a warranty document (if the quality guarantee period is set for the sold goods) are attached to the application.

If the buyer does not like the shape, size, color, model or completeness of the purchased product, he has the right to replace it with an analogous product within fourteen days from the day of sale of non-food products, unless the seller has set a longer period.

If the seller does not have a product suitable for replacement, the buyer has the right to return the product to the seller within the specified period and recover the money paid for it.

In the event of a dispute regarding changes in the appearance of the product or damage to the product, the seller must apply in writing to the State Non-Food Products Inspectorate, and upon receiving the written conclusions from it, immediately notify the buyer.