Harvia Finland

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: WKF300GLB

Delivery time (d.): 7-21 days

Suitable for sauna from 10 m3 to 28 m3.

Price: 1,630.00€
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For middle-sized and large saunas.
Robust design – made to last, sturdy materials and structure.
Visible fire through large glass door.
Optimized amount of stones creates a magnificent sauna bath while minimizing the sauna warm-up time.
Interchangeable side modules.
Choose which side you want open for throwing water on the side.
Choose which side you want closed for minimal safety distance.
The stove is also easier to install with sides detached.
Small safety distances.

Stones are not included.


Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 7-21 days
Recommended sauna size (m3) 10-28
Dimensions height (mm) 870
Dimensions width (mm) 550
Dimensions depth (mm) 630
Stone capacity max. (kg) 120
Weight (kg) 96
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115
Safety distance to front (mm) 500
Safety distance to sides and back / wood and bricks (mm) 500
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling min. (mm) 1270