Electric sauna heater – Sawotec Tower Corner, with control unit

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Tower Corner will maximize the free space in your sauna room as it is placed in corner. 

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Tower Corner is a space-saving solution in your sauna, as the stove is installed in a corner. Due to the round and thin steel bars, most of the water comes into contact with the stones, resulting in a large flow of smooth steam in the sauna. The capacity of the stove stone container varies according to the power of the stove. Can be controlled with built-in or separate control units.

Compatible controllers:

     Harvia C170VKK (2.3-17kW).
     Harvia CS110 (2.3-9kW).
     Harvia CS170 (2.3-17kW).
     Harvia C150 (2.3-17kW).
     Harvia CX110 (2.3-11kW).
     Harvia CX170 (2.3-17kW).
     Harvia CF9 (2.3-9kW).

The tower-shaped corner stove will maximize the available space in the sauna room. The design of the stove provides more flexibility in the design of the sauna, especially when free space is limited. Due to the round and thin steel rods, most of the water is exposed to the stones, which creates a large amount of smooth steam in your sauna. The stove can be controlled with built-in or separate control units. Tower-NS models that require a separate control unit can be integrated into the lower stand with an integration collar. The size of the oven and the maximum number of stones varies with the power.

Integrated control settings:

Thermostat: adjust the temperature of the sauna simply by turning the control knob. The thermostat automatically maintains the selected temperature.
Timer: The timer has a 1-8 (white) hour preset time and a 1-4 (pink) hour run time.

Stones are purchased separately!

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 3
Delivery time (days) 14-60
Dimensions height (mm) 1380
Supply voltage, phase 400V ~3N