Electric sauna heater - Sawotec Mini X Corner, 3,0kW, without control unit

Brand: Sawo

Product Code: 21603

Delivery time (days): 14-60

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Mini X is ideal for the smallest of sauna rooms (good for 1-2 persons).

Price: 121.00€
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Mini X is ideal for the smallest of sauna rooms (good for 1-2 persons). Especially made to fit in cabin corners or against a flat wall providing maximum bathing space with design flexibility. Can hold 8 to 10,5 kg stones.

Suitable control panels:


Electric heater technical details:

Code MX-30NS-Z
Output, kW 3,0
Sauna room min - max size, m3 2-4
Height, mm 450
Width, mm 330
Depth, mm 210
Weight, kg 7
Stone capacity max, kg 10
Minimum safety distances (ceiling/sides), mm 1200/25
Supply voltage, phase 230V 1N~/400V 2N~
Fuse A 1x16/2x10
Connection cable, mm2 3x2,5/4x1,5


Stones are not included!

Technical information
Sauna room (m3): 2 - 4
Warranty (y.) 3
Delivery time (days) 14-60
Output (kW) 3.0
Dimensions height (mm) 450
Dimensions width (mm) 330
Dimensions depth (mm) 210
Stone capacity max. (kg) 10
Weight (kg) 7
Supply voltage, phase 230V 1N~ / 400V 2N~
Fuse A 1 x 16 / 2 x 10
Connection cable (mm2) 3 x 2.5 / 4 x 1.5