Harvia The Wall Black Steel SW60 / SW60 6 kW

Brand: Harvia Oy

Product Code: HSW600400M

Delivery time (d.): 30 days

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Suitable for saunas from 5 to 8 m3.

Price: 336.00€
Prices apply without delivery charge.

THE WALL BLACK STEEL  -  new sauna heater from Harvia (Harvia 70 Jubilee edition).

  • Streamlined design that reflects Scandinavian minimalism

  • The space-saving heater fits in a great variety of saunas

  • Illuminated operating switches Option to choose right and lefthanded installation

  • Option to integrate heater in the sauna bench

  • Durable structure and technical features extend heaters lifespan

  • Quick and easy installation

Stones are not included.

Technical information
Warranty (y.) 2 years
Delivery time (d.) 30 days
Stone capacity max. (kg) 20
Weight (kg) 12
Supply voltage, phase 230 V 1N / 400 V 3N