Helo Pikkutonttu

Brand: Helo Oy

Product Code: Helo Pikkutonttu-2

Delivery time (d.): 30-60 days

Suitable for saunas from 3 to 14 m3. Stone capacity - 70 kg.

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Helo PIKKUTONTTU - Modern design, heat stove. Convection ovens and stone heating system is so arranged that the stones are heated to the highest possible temperature, which allows you to enjoy a soft and mild steam, which dedegins skin. Large capacity stone (70 kg) heats up very fast and poured water on the hot stones, and lets you enjoy plenty of gentle steam.

The outer surface of the heater temperature is relatively low, and therefore there is no additional bath burn oxygen, but also allows you to save space in a bath, as the safety distance from the heater is only 40 mm.

Ideal for mounting bath corner of the room.

Requires separate control panel - Easy Helo, Helo Digi II or Midi. You can choose black or red oven. Available capacities: 4.5, 6.6, and 9 kW. Stone capacity - 70 kg.

The stones are not included.

Technical information
Country of Manufacture US
Warranty (y.) 2 years
Delivery time (d.) 30-60 days
Recommended sauna size (m3) 3-14
Dimensions height (mm) 990
Dimensions width (mm) 460
Dimensions depth (mm) 460
Stone capacity max. (kg) 90
Weight (kg) 33
Supply voltage, phase 400 V 3N
Fuse A 3 x 10
Sauna room height min (cm) 190
Connection cable (mm2) 5 x 1.5