Control unit Narvi Eclipse

Brand: Narvi Oy

Product Code: 15959

Delivery time (d.): 14-28

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Connection - 400V 3N ~ / 230V 1N ~
Timer - 24 hours

Price: 1,173.00€
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Narvi Eclipse is a high-end sauna control panel for both private and commercial use. Standard version can be connected to max. 9kW (400V 3N ~ / 230V 1N ~). The set includes two external thermostats. The Narvi Eclipse has a 24-hour pre-scan function and a light switch.

Connection - 400V 3N ~ / 230V 1N ~
Timer - 24 hours
Lighting (max.) - 100 W

Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 14-28
Height, mm 158
Width, mm 104
Depth, mm 40
Supply voltage, phase 400 V 3N