Chimney system kit

Brand: TMF

Product Code: KITUMK

Delivery time (d.): 7-21 days

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Price: 263.00€
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Modular lightweight stack design for sauna heaters, and other wood-burning oven, the exhaust gas temperature exceeds 600 ° C, ie, high-temperature ovens. Must the CE marking comply with international safety requirements.

In the package you will find: 

Adapter 115, 1mm - 1 pc.

Inserts 115, 1m, 0,5mm - 1 pc.

Transition 115/200, 0.5mm - 1 pc.

Insulated chimney 115/200, 1m, 0,5mm - 1 pc.

Insulated chimney 115/200, 0,5m, 0,5mm - 1 pc.

Clamp 200 - 2 pcs.

Rubber roof flange - 1 pc.

Finished ceiling flange, without heating strip - 1 pc.

Rain canopy with spark trap - 1 pc.

Technical information
Country of Manufacture FI
Delivery time (d.) 7-21 days
Weight (kg) 35
Outside diameter (mm) 220
Inner diameter (mm) 115