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3 sauna whisks set: birch, eucalyptus, oak.

Birch sauna whisk - the best healer. This is the most popular sauna whisk. Birch leaves contain essential oils, vitamin C, provitamin A. Well cleanses the skin, calms the nervous system, accelerates wound healing, improves mood, calms. It is advisable to use the birch sauna whisk to those who suffer from joint pain, lung desease, skin or nerve disease.

Oak whisks are perfectly suitable for those who love increased heat. Their leaves, which look like a hand-held fan, are broad and firm.Oak whisks are mainly suitable for people who have problems with their skin. Oak leaves contain tanning substances, which have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. Oak flavour hinders the extreme elevation of arterial blood pressure in the steam room, which is why the people who are prone to hypertension as well as those who do physical exercise are well advised to use oak whisks. Inhaling the oak flavour can calm nerves, relieve stress, and boost spirits.

Eucalyptus sauna whisk for massage and inhalation. Eucalyptus whisk can be used in sauna for treatment. It reveals all its therapeutic properties in sauna and acts as an antiseptic treatment of various respiratory diseases and has a strong, beautiful scent.  Sauna massage effect is more effective with eucalyptus whisk than with other whisks, because of eucalyptus leaf shape and structure. If you will sprinkle sauna walls with eucalyptus whisk, pour extract on heated stones or inhale eucalyptus through the inhalation, you will feel a strong eucalyptus effect.

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